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6 Ways to Reuse Old Plastic Containers

At Purium, we’re always looking for ways to help the whole world stay healthy — and not just with our superfoods products. We recently took the initiative of adding a new eco-friendly packaging option for many of our products, called  terra pouches, as an alternative to our traditional plastic containers.

Yet that begs the question, what are you going to do with the extra plastic containers you’ve already received? That’s something we’ve actually heard from our community, too (thanks, Tracy)! And we’re here to inspire.

So, without further ado, here are 7 tips – be sure to wash your containers before trying!

Green up your home or yard with plants.

Whether you’ve already scraped the last of your MVP Sport – Chocolate or  Bio Fruit from the bottom of its tub, this idea could be used for containers of all sizes. Clean the plastic and start using them as little pots for small plants!

Get creative with design your own outdoor garden. Start easy with herbs, peppers, cucumbers or even cherry tomatoes for salads.

Tidy up with desk stationary and supply cups.

Don’t you hate when you need to sign a permission slip or check, and there’s no pen to be found? Try using empty plastic containers as stationary sets around the house. Decorate them according to the style of each room: kitchen, living room, office or anywhere you think is necessary.

They work especially well for your kids, too! Gather all the stray crayons and pencils from their crumbling boxes and BOOM, you now have an indestructible, portable supply cup.

Clean up that mess of a kitchen.

Listen…we’re not judging, because we totally get it. The kitchen is probably the busiest place in the house, full of passion, fervor and FOOD! Naturally, it’s going to get a little messy.

When it comes time for storing groceries, we can all get lazy. Avoiding a real life game of Tetris, we may end up wedging items into the deep nooks of the cabinet and fridge with reckless abandon. But these nifty plastic tubs can help!

Label each one and use as a storage bin for bulk items. Need something to hold your teabags? Perfect! Don’t know where to store your homemade snacks? Now, you do! Are your reusable plastic bags making a mountain of a mess? Try fitting some into a container!

Avoid morning routine speed bumps.

The morning rush to get out of the house – with everything (and everyone) in tow – can be brutal. You run to the bathroom to quickly (but efficiently) brush your teeth, but….you have no idea what you did with it the night before. And what happened to all of the rubber-bands that you use to tie your hair back? Or, worst of all, where are the car keys?!

Solve morning routine woes with old canisters that can easily hold your whole family’s toothbrushes in one place. They’re also perfect for hair pins and rubber-bands. You won’t ever have to go checking around the house, because you have the perfect space for them!

PRO TIP: “Class up” your bathroom by decorating the containers in solid and sleek black or gold.

Pack your snacks in ready-to-go containers.

When you need a place to pack your snacks, look nor further. Some plastic tubs may be a little big for some single-serve snacks, but not if you’re packing for the whole family!

They’re especially great for almonds, nuts and homemade trail-mixes. You can even mark one for each day of the week if you have enough.

Re-use droppers, dispensers and sprays for homemade remedies.

If you’ve ever bought Fulvic Zeolite, CHILL Spray or 40x Aloe Vera concentrate, you might have leftover dispensers, sprays and droppers. Don’t worry, we have ideas for those too! Awaken your inner Instagram DIY-er and get crafty!

Once the dispensers, they can be great for homemade, essential oils, soaps, lotions and more! Have a bunch? That’s no problem. Make multiple batches of useful remedies, like an argon oil mix as a natural hair nourishing alternative, and use them for creative gift ideas for your health-conscious loved ones. If you’re feeling super zesty, start your own Etsy! The world is yours!

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