Amendment To Material Agreement

Some information that is not known when Form 8-k is filed can be added later. If the terms of an officer`s employment contract or information relating to the disclosure of boards of directors and disclosure of transactions with persons related to a director are not known on the date of the filing of Form 8-K, the company must submit an amendment to disclose this information as soon as the information is known. Must declare substantial changes in shareholder rights. Section 3.03 requires the entity to disclose substantial changes to the instruments defining the rights of holders of a class of registered securities of the company, or to have a significant adverse effect on those rights, resulting from the issuance or change of another class of securities, and to briefly describe the effects of the changes. Refuge for seven items from Form 8-K. Given that many of the new disclosure elements of Form 8-K require the administration to quickly assess the significance of an event or determine whether a disclosure obligation has been triggered, the SEC adopted a new limited shelter, consisting of public and private claims, in accordance with Section 10 (b) and Rule 10b-5, because Form 8-K did not receive an 8-K form in time for the following seven points : monitoring the effectiveness of controls and disclosure procedures. In order to meet the challenges of reporting essential contracts in real time, each public company should monitor its current internal publishing controls and procedures and review new controls or information procedures tailored to the specific circumstances of the company, to ensure that information relating to 8-K events is identified, evaluated and notified within the required time frame. Must disclose obligations arising from multiple transactions at the opening and as obligations. When an entity enters into an agreement that creates or may create direct financial obligations related to multiple transactions, the entity must disclose the conclusion of the agreement and disclose its essential obligations as soon as they are created or created (including when a number of individual intangible obligations are not previously disclosed in the aggregate). Executives and others delegated the authority by the Board of Directors to execute substantial final agreements or otherwise take actions that trigger a publication obligation on Form 8-K; Limit the number of people authorized to act on behalf of the company; to examine whether civil servants and directors need additional training, when their actions may trigger such obligations and how the specific conditions of an agreement may affect advertising obligations.