Sample Reimbursement Agreement Template

Most importantly, expense refund forms create documentation that strengthens your accounting documents and protects them from fraud. If discrepancies are found between the amount refunded and the amount actually spent, the form can be used as a reference point to see what has been claimed and paid. Refund forms are a standard part of any cost reimbursement directive and help you underpay or pay employees for work-related expenses. A fee application form is the same as a fee refund form – it`s simply a form that documents the business expenses for which an employee must be reimbursed. 3. Each contracting party requires its staff to disclose without delay any IPIs arising from this agreement. Each party undertakes to make available to the other party a copy of any ip disclosure within 30 days of the date of publication and will provide the other party with a written list of all IP addresses established in accordance with this agreement within 60 days of the expiry or end of this agreement. For all these identified ip, university and sponsor, by separate written agreement, licenses to IP University, IP sponsor and/or IP attached in accordance with the provisions of paragraph G (2) above. Each party will consult with the other party at least thirty (30) days before filing a patent or copyright application for intellectual protection proceedings and will immediately inform the other party about patents or patents or copyright registrations issued by copyright. The university`s contract representative must be contacted for all administrative aspects of the agreement, including, but not limited, to amendments, and he is entitled to negotiate agreements and amendments on behalf of the university. B. TERM: This agreement enters into force from [DATE] and expires on [DATE] unless it is terminated earlier, as foreseen or renewed by written agreement of the parties (the “duration”). For reimbursement of travel expenses, use the travel expenses account.

If you regularly use a vehicle for business purposes, download our mile tracking protocol. You can use our template to create a personalized refund form in minutes. Specify your full name, staff identification number (if any), service and other appropriate information required in the form so that the recipient knows who to transfer the refund to. Adapt the template, then send a copy of the form to your employees if they have to file a refund request. Make sure they know they are putting in a copy of their supporting documents. Don`t forget to adapt the list of items in the spreadsheet categories and keep up to date the mileage rate (see references below for current prices). Add supporting documents for each item in the form. Your receipts are proof that you actually paid for the expenses you claim on the form. A full refund may not be possible without the corresponding receipts.

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