How To Get Labour Contract Agreement

A training contract is concluded for the duration necessary to acquire the profession, membership and qualification. The employer has the right to enter into a vocational training contract with a jobseeker and a training contract for retraining with the organization`s staff. Article 296. Cancellation of contracts with seasonal workers Union inspectors have the right, according to established procedures, to visit unfettered organizations that employ union members or unions that are part of an association, in order to verify compliance with the labour code and other acts containing labour laws, as well as compliance with the provisions of the collective agreement. agreement. In the case of simple proceedings that do not resolve a collective dispute or if the employer avoids conciliatory procedures or avoids the agreement reached in the context of the settlement of a collective dispute, workers or their representatives have the right to go on strike. The severance pay equal to the average two-week salary must be paid in the event of termination of the section 332 contract. Duration of employment contracts with staff of higher education institutions The worker who has been exempted from the performance of his obligations of direct work in connection with his election to an electoral body of a primary trade union organization has the same labour rights, guarantees and privileges as other employees of an organization, in accordance with the provisions of a collective agreement. If the remuneration (functions) is not met by the payment of the employer`s fault, the time actually done or the work done, but no less than the average wage of the worker, calculated for the same period or for the work done, is carried out. Any direct or indirect restriction or the granting of direct or indirect benefits when entering into an employment contract on the basis of sex, race, colour, nationality, language, origin, property, social and official status, residence (including availability or unavailability of registration at place of residence or accommodation) and other factors that are not related to workers` professional qualifications are not not allowed.

with the exception of federally-legislated cases. Article 63. The age at which an employment contract is allowed when the standard tariff system is paid, the basic rate of pay for the first category cannot be less than the minimum amount of remuneration. The wages of hard-working workers, those working with harmful, dangerous and other working conditions are on the rise. In addition to the general guarantees and allowances provided by this code (guarantees for hiring, transfer to another workplace, work and other remuneration), guarantees and allowances are granted to workers in the following cases: When the worker moves to a new job under the contract with the employer, the worker is obliged to compensate the worker. The employment contract is concluded in cases where labour relations cannot be fixed on a permanent basis. given the nature of the impending work or the conditions of its completion, unless otherwise required by this code or other federal statutes. Guarantees are means, ways and conditions that help the worker exercise his or her social and labour rights. If the worker comes to work with the employer on the day of the blood donation (except hard work and work with harmful and/or dangerous working conditions, if the worker does not come to work, he must, at his request, benefit from another day off.