Wefunder Safe Agreement

One of the most popular open pricing agreements is the Seed Series, developed by Fenwick`s lawyer Ted Wang. If your investment has not been confirmed, the best thing you can do is cancel your investment and then reinvest it with your legal name. If the tour is closed, contact us at hello@wefunder.com. We recommend making several small investments each year rather than a large investment. For example, if you decide to invest $5,000 a year in start-ups, it is less risky to make $10,500 instead of a single investment of $5,000. You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. To unsubscribe from Wefunder emails, go wefunder.com/settings. Select Notifications from the left menu. You can then select the emails you want to receive. The safest thing to do is to think that you can`t resell your investment to another investor.

First, there is no liquid secondary market yet, such as the New York Stock Exchange for private companies. Regulation Crowdfunding also explicitly prohibits the resale of securities for one year, except for the issuer, an accredited investor, a family member or their trust. If you invest in a Wefund through a subscription contract, you only have an economic interest – you don`t have voting rights or information about the start-up in which the fund invests. Nor can they sell shares in the startup. Wefunder Advisors manage the fund on your behalf and decide when the securities will be sold (usually when the start-up is acquired or the IPO goes away). Only then will you earn a return. It is a very long-term investment. For example, if you invested in Facebook with a WeFund in 2004, you would have had to wait 8 years later before going public in 2012 to get a return. Read the WeFund SPV FAQ No worries! If you`ve forgotten your password, go wefunder.com/login and click forgotten password. Enter your email address and we`ll send you a link to reset your password.

They may have strong faith in the future success of a business, but it is safer to consider an equity investment as a lottery ticket that could pay off in the long run. To change your password, go wefunder.com/settings. Select password in the menu on the left to create a new password. On Wefunder, a subscription contract is a contract between you and a WeFund SPV managed by Wefunder Advisors. You can introduce us as “Kickstarter for investing.” Wefunder really wants to keep you up to date in the future, but we can`t guarantee that. While we do our best to maintain all our relationships with issuers on our portal, it may not take time to finalize the offer. Wefunder recommends that founders send an update to their investor at least once a quarter, but you can also request an update from the founders by posting an update in the Q-A section of their campaign page, which is at the bottom of the Interview section. If a payment fails, we will send you an email.