Action Drill And Blast Enterprise Agreement

Type of procedure: fictitious contracts, non-compliance with the company agreement, underpayments, pay slips, erroneous and misleading records, non-compliance with the NTP The geology of the Roy Hill deposit is adapted to a conventional method of open pit mining, drilling and explosion, trucks and excavators from several production benches. Most of the waste from mining is dumped in the shafts of previously mined mines. Type of procedure: underpayments, adverse measures, discrimination, keeping records. Penalty: $660,020.00 ($644,000.00 vs. Mhoney Pty Ltd, $16,020.00 vs. Adbudrahman Taleb) Penalty: $45,000.00 ($15,000.00 vs. Nader Bastawrose, $15,000.00 vs. Amgad Samaan, $15,000.00 vs. Ashraf Youssef). . Decision: Fairwork Ombudsman v Nobrace Centre Pty Ltd & Ors.

McConnell Dowell – received the engineering, puecurement and construction contract for Package 4 Port Marine Works, consisting of an iron ore loading dock with two docks, a conveyor approximately 3600 m long to the storage site. The work also includes a debut, a training station, three transfer stations and all SMPE &I. Click here to access the McConnell Dowell website. Penalty: $284,400.00 ($246,400.00 vs. Samurai`s Paradise Pty Ltd, $38,000.00 vs. Shigeo Ishiyama) Result: W.X.Z Enterprises Pty Ltd found that it had breached the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Xin Tai Xu was in violation under Section 550 of the FW Act. Xin Chun Xu was involved in pay slip violations. Fine: $38,000.00 against construction, forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU). .

Penalty: $169,586.25 ($115,706.25 vs. Blue Impression Pty Ltd, $53,880.00 vs. Ezy Accounting 123 Pty Ltd) Date: 5. December 2017 Type of proceedings: false contracts, subpayments, pay slips Penalty: $25,412 ($25,412 against Vinai Chaipom). Decision: Fair Work Ombudsman against Muhammad (Trading as Academy for Kids). . Type of procedure: salaries, pay slips, non-compliance with the NTP. .

Decision:Fair Work Ombudsman v Acute Health Pty Ltd & Anor [2018] FCCA 707 (last updated March 28, 2018). . . . Penalty: $32,000.00 ($5000.00 vs. Oliver Brown Soul Pty Ltd and $27,000.00 vs. Steven Chung). Thiess – Supplement for the construction of demining facilities. The contract includes the construction of structural, mechanical, pipe, appliance and instrumentation (SMPEI) works designed and delivered by Samsung. . .