Class Project Agreement Kent State

www.kent.edu/accountspayable/travel-expense your training can culminate with a graduation thesis or a creative project, an in-depth project that shows your knowledge and creativity. The opportunities we offer for self-presentation, leadership and service prepare you for postgraduate school, a professional career and above all life. Full-time and part-time employees 14.0% old-age pension 0.5% Work allowance 1.5% Medicare 9-month faculty summer salary: 16.0% (rounded) Part-time workers: 16.0% (rounded) Postgraduate assistants / some part-time students: 14.5% (rounded) Other part-time students: 1.0% (rounded) full-time health insurance $13,900, from GJ20. Health insurance is budgeted as part of the ancillary benefits** on the basis of the percentage of time contained in the proposal. It is calculated with a distinction based on the percentage of effort billed to the project (for example.B. 10% effort billed to the project would be $1,390 in health insurance costs). LaKetta Wilson Phone: 330-672-1977 Email: lwilso51@kent.edu Lori Burchard – Director, Sponsored Programs E-mail: lburchar@kent.edu 34.0% of the total direct cost change (MTDC), for projects from 07/01/2020 – Diana Skok, Deputy Director, Sponsored Program Email: dskok@kent.edu The Senior Honors Thesis/Project is an independent 6-hour credit project. It can be a research, creation or application project and ends under the direction of a faculty member. Campus: Research and teaching: 50.0% of the modified total direct cost (MTDC), for projects from 01.07.2016 – 30.06.2020 52.0% of the modified direct total cost (MTDC), for projects from 01.07.2020 – Other Sponsored activities: 32.0% of the modified direct total cost (MTDC), for projects from 01.07.2016 – 30.06.2020 **Secondary performance rates are budgeted in Kuali with the tightest percentage point to reflect all potential benefits for employees in different classes.

The Senior Portfolio is a one-hour graded project, which brings together 8-10 artifacts from a student`s bachelor`s career, accompanied by a reflective document explaining how each artifact has contributed to the student`s intellectual and/or personal growth. Individual Honors Work (HONR 20096/30096/40096) offers students the opportunity to pursue independent studies (1-4 credit hours) under the guidance of a faculty member. The objective of this project is to provide students with an enriched educational experience in the area of main or other interest, which is not normally covered by the standard curriculum. Honors College requires students to complete 24 hours of honors service until graduation, or three credit hours or one class per semester. maintain a cumulative MPA of 3.25; And every semester, they meet with their honorary advisor. There are several ways to earn a fee for money, and your honors advisor will help you choose fees that fit and improve into your bachelor`s degree. A few options for earning honors hours are: Kent State University`s Honors College offers students a humanities education at a large public research center. Demanding courses, stimulating discussions, international studies and research projects will challenge your intellect and enhance your training. Announcements are available as Adobe Acrobat .pdf* files, linked to the project number and name. . . .