Collective Agreement Ppta Class Size

Note: This provision does not apply to teachers of Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu. The provisions applicable to such teachers are contained in Part Eleven of this Agreement. (b) The maximum class hours of each full-time technology teacher mentioned above shall be reduced by the individual time allowances provided for in clause 3.8 (entry teacher) of this Agreement. 5.2.1 Contactless time allowances for secondary school teachers are a recognition of the importance of tasks other than attendance teaching (as indicated in point 5.1.1 (a) to (d) above), which teachers must take care of while schools are open to teaching, for quality education. 5.6.1 Unless a holiday or other holiday is interrupted in accordance with Part 7 of the Education Act 1989 or by a provision of this Agreement authorizing the absence of teachers, the length of the school week for each school shall be determined according to the requirement that pupils must normally be present from Monday to Friday inclusive. This part of the agreement provides that schools must have a temporal agreement policy developed in consultation with staff and that this directive must take into account the size of the class and your right to contactless time. This section also includes reminder days and the length of the school day, school week and school year. 5.1.2 For the reasons set out above, the Parties also acknowledge this Agreement and agree that school opening hours, timetable structure and other similar matters shall be designed in such a way that they meet the curriculum and pastoral needs of pupils and are defined in each school according to well-understood national guidelines or specific legal requirements. (a) the periods of preparation, assessment and assessment that may be generated by those classes and by the students they contain, or by other requirements such as external examination rules or the need to report on the progress made by each pupil; 5.9.2 Employers should make reasonable efforts to achieve an average class size for each teacher of more than one class (based on the teacher`s schedules and the role of each of these classes) of 26 students, and if this is not possible, 5.1A.1 (d) applies. The timetables for part-time teachers shall be fixed in accordance with the following provisions. Reference is made to clause 4.5.1, which defines the basis for fixing the FTTE`s share of a part-time teacher as the sum of hourly contact hours and hours without allocated hours.

5.1 General5.1A Timetables 5.2 Free time 5.3 Definitions 5.4 Obligations, if schools are not open for teaching5.5 Length of the school day 5.6 Length of the school week5.7 Length of the school year5.8 Classification of the year in terms of number of working hours and public holidays5.9 Class size (d) Nothing a) – (c) above, the current conventions relating to the proportion of a full-time position for which a part-time teacher is appointed, to reduce. Temporary agreements relating to all or part of the working time of a part-time teacher shall continue in accordance with their current basis, including any agreement to review such hours. (d) a procedure; which provides for circumstances in which, for a real reason, it is not possible, during the time or in the short term, to provide the contactless rights described in point 5.2.3(a), 5.2.4(a), 5.2.5(a) and 5.2.6(b), and where the employer has made reasonable efforts and is unable to reach the class size referred to in point 5.9.2. . . .