Icc Imfpa Agreement

3 In addition, our bank must undertake to confirm this information duly signed and stamped in the annex. Part of this agreement. It goes without saying that for the purposes of this Master Fee Protection Agreement, our bank is the same bank and imfpa is an integral part of it. We, the undersigned, seller or representative legally appointed by seller, as set forth in the signed and legally binding master transaction, unconditionally agree and agree to authorize and account for all payments in USD currency to all beneficiaries mentioned below as their legitimate and payable commissions. This agreement also serves as a record confirming the amounts of commissions for each beneficiary mentioned as described below:- THE GENERAL COMMISSION IS PAID BY THE BUYER AS FOLLOWS:- The quantity of goods delivered must be invoiced as indicated above to be transferred to the account as follows: This Master Rights Protection Agreement (IMFPA) applies exclusively to Contract No. 8 3. EDT documents are, where applicable, governed by EU Community Directive 95/46/EEC. Each Contracting Party may request a printed copy of any document previously transmitted electronically, provided, however, that such a request does not in any way prevent the Parties from fulfilling their respective obligations and obligations under the EDT instruments. WITHOUT APPEAL MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT (imfpa) &NCNDA Page 3 of 12 WITHOUT APPEAL MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT (imfpa) BANK SELLER DETAILS FOR DOWNWARD TRANSFERS PAYMENT NAME: ACCEPTED BY US WITH BELOW BANK DETAILS TRAVEL Pass #: Name of beneficiary: Nationality: Account name: Account name: Account #: Designation: Bank name: Bank Address: Phone #: Swift Code: Fax #: IBAN #: Mobile #: Bank Officer: Email Address: Bank Phone #: Web Address:: Bank Fax #: Today`s Date: All transfers must be included below text message and a copy of the bank transfer note must be sent by email to: for legal verification and documentation in accordance with patriot/banking rules with an original copy of the contract that must be submitted to the bank. 9 SIGNATURE & SEAL SELLER SELLER S ENDORSED AND SEAL AND SIGN ALL BANK CHARGES SHOULD BE PAID BY ACCOUNT BENEFICIARIES THROUGH THE IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT (IMFPA) &NCNDA PAGE 4 OF 12 IRREVOCABLE MASTER FEE PROTECTION AGREEMENT (IMFPA) BUYER & SELLER FACILITATORS COMMODITY TOTAL COMMISSION FOR 12 MONTHS COMMISSION PER MONTH ROLLOVER CONTRACT TO PAY$ US NAME: Passport #: Beneficiary Name: Nationality: Account Name: Company Name: Account #: Bank Name: Bank Name: Bank Address: Phone #: Swift Code: Fax #: CORRESPONDENT BANKNAME Mobile #: Swift Code: Email Address: Other Credit and Account Number.

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