Stanwell Enterprise Agreement

Clause describes consolidated payments in the annual wage rates under the SPS Enterprise Agreement (see below). A copy of the Enterprise Agreement is available below: Potential suppliers register with Stanwell through the Zycus Supplier Network (ZSN) portal and provide contact and basic information about the company. The ZSN portal is also used for sourcing, contracting and performance events, as well as for the maintenance of corporate information such as finances, monetary certificates and contact details, etc. It is important to understand that registration as a potential supplier does not guarantee any success in providing goods and/or services to Stanwell. Approximately 140 employees regularly work at Stanwell`s sites in the maintenance of facilities and facilities. However, in the event of riots, this number of employees increases by another 250 people. After registration, Stanwell might want to interact through the ZSN portal and request additional information about companies, such as financial, insurance, tax, or health and safety details….