Term Of Customer Agreement

Beta phase 9.4. During a Beta Period, XPR may, at XPR`s sole discretion, terminate this Agreement immediately and without notice. We may, without notice, verify and erase any customer data or customer material that we find violates these Terms or the AUP in good faith, provided that we are not required (unless otherwise provided by applicable laws or regulations) to verify, control, monitor or process your Customer Data or Customer Documents in advance. As described below, a free subscription continues until termination, while a paid subscription has a term that can expire or be terminated. The contract remains effective until all subscriptions ordered under the contract have expired or terminated or the contract itself is terminated. Termination of the contract terminates all subscriptions and order forms. 6.2 Number of instances. Unless otherwise specified in your order, you may install, for each software license you purchase, a production instance of the software on systems owned or operated by you (or your third-party suppliers, provided that you remain responsible for their compliance with the terms of this Agreement). We may suspend, restrict or terminate the Free Services at any time, without notice, for any reason. We may terminate your subscription to the Free Services due to your inactivity.

The Customer grants us the right to use the Company Name and Customer Logo as a reference for marketing or advertising purposes on our website and in other public or private communications with our existing or potential customers, subject to the Customer`s standard guidelines on the use of the trademark that are made available to us from time to time.